This document describes the terms, conditions and notices of  www.yourelli.com („YOURELLI“) is Simone Klempa, Grenzweg 5, 2421 Kittsee, Austria, WKO Burgenland, Sparte Handel, Bezirkshaupt-mannschaft: Neusiedl/See, Austria and our users (‘you’) subjected to a sale contract. The contract is agreed between the seller Simone Klempa and the user on the e-commerce website www.yourelli.com. The website is owned and operated by Simone Klempa and the user must be a natural person buying goods for personal use.
Our store www.yourelli.com is hosted on Shopify Inc. They provide us with the online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you. Your data is stored through Shopify’s data storage, databases and the general Shopify application. They store your data on a secure server behind a firewall.
Any juridical persons interested in purchasing goods from www.yourelli.com can contact the company at info@yourelli.com.

Simone Klempa

Grenzweg 5
2421 Kittsee
Contact person Simone Klempa
E-Mail info@yourelli.com


Bank details
Name of Bank: Erste Sparkasse
IBAN: AT58 2021 6216 4796 0403

Account holder: Simone Klempa

1) Registration and Privacy Policy
Purchase on www.yourelli.com is not conditioned by any registration. Registration of an account is voluntary and allows for easy access and repeated purchases.
Our policy is to respect the privacy of our users as well as the personal character of the electronic communication. Provided personal data (such as name, address and e-mail) are used for identification purposes, product dispatch and payment processing.
You can register on the website to receive our newsletter which will be sent no more than twice a month. You can withdraw your consent anytime by contacting info@yourelli.com or the aforementioned postal address.
Your personal data is protected by Slovak national law (Zakon 122/2013 o ochrane osobnych udajov). More details about personal data protection can be found in our  Privacy Policy.
2) Goods order and sale contract
Your order is a draft of a contract between us which will be formed after you paid for the goods. Your order is sent by clicking on the “Complete order” button. This moment forms the contract with terms and conditions for both parties.
When you place an order, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail confirming receipt of your order which will also constitute acceptance of your order. After the payment has been processed, it is not possible for you to cancel the order.
If you have paid for goods that we are unable to deliver, we will contact you immediately to discuss the refund and next steps. The refund will be processed in a timely manner upon agreement but no later than 30 days from the time of the order.
We reserve the right to limit the maximum amount of purchased goods by one customer. Due to our limited selection of products, you can only order goods up to 10kg net weight.
By placing an order you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. Please read and familiarize yourself with them.
3) Prices and payments
All prices are final. Delivery costs are charged in addition to the product price and included in the total cost. Delivery costs vary in accordance with the weight and destination. The delivery pricelist can be found in Shipping
Payments can be processed using payment cards Visa, MasterCard, Amex or PayPal. More details about security and personal data protection when using credit cards can be found in Privacy Policy.
An invoice is attached to every order which also serves as a tax receipt and warranty. If this document was not delivered with your order, please contact us by e-mail on info@yourelli.com.
4) Delivery
Our obligation to deliver goods is satisfied on entrusting the product to the selected delivery service. We send the orders via the national postal service (Slovenska Posta) as a parcel. In general, the delivery will be completed in 5-30 days from our receiving your order.
We will inform you of transfer of your goods to the delivery service by email. If you don’t receive your order after 30 days of receiving this email, please contact your local post office first before contacting us. More information about goods delivery can be found in Shipping.
5) Warranty
In your order, you will receive an invoice which serves as the warranty for your purchase. The warranty period starts on receipt of your goods. The warranty period for all our goods is 2 years. This can be extended by any time the product is being repaired. If the product was, based on our return and refund policy, replaced with a new product, the warranty period starts at the receipt of the new product.
The seller is obliged to:
  • Retain the price shown at the time of order
  • Dispatch goods without faults
  • Deliver goods of the quality and the amount ordered
  • Enclose a tax receipt and warranty document to each order
If you find out that any of the above conditions were not fulfilled, please inform us in no more than 48 hours from the time of receipt at info@yourelli.com. Subsequent claims of damage or non-completion of delivery may not be accepted.
We do not accept any liability for a delay in delivery caused by the delivery company, incorrect delivery address or damage done by the delivery company.
6) Cancellation of contract
You have an option to cancel the sale contract up to 14 days from the receipt date and return the product to us. More details can be found in Returns.
7) Claim policy
If your ordered product shows a fault during the warranty period, you are entitled to free repair of the product. In case of a non-repairable fault, a fault appearing repeatedly (more than twice) or more than one fault at a time which causes the product to be unsuitable for use, the seller is obliged to refund you in one of the following ways: replacement of the product, an appropriate discount or cancellation of the sale contract.
You can process your claim by emailing us at info@yourelli.com Please contact us before you send a faulty product to us. More details on the return system can be found in  Returns.
Your claim will be handled without delay upon receipt of faulty product and no more than 30 days from the receipt of the goods. We will inform you about the decision regarding your claim by phone or email.
The warranty does not apply to wear and tear or mechanical damage (damage that could not have been caused by dedicated use).
The warranty does not apply to goods whose price was reduced due to a material fault. The warranty also does not apply to faults or damage caused by inappropriate care, storage, non-dedicated use or use that does not comply with instructions available on the website in the section Care or the instruction leaflet delivered with the product.
The warranty does not apply to colour differences between the actual goods and their picture on the website, as we cannot guarantee your display settings.
The wraps are woven from natural materials which have specific characteristics. Some types of threads (linen, silk) contain thicker and thinner parts which are made at the time of weaving. These little knots are not defined as a fault of material. The threads are pressurised during the weaving process which can cause snapping of the thread. Professional bonding of this thread is not relevant to the quality of the material and as such cannot be a reason for a claim. In the case of multiple faults, the wrap is marked as ‘second class’. Faults that cause the wrap to be marked as ‘second class’ cannot be a reason for a claim. Even though the best threads are used for our products, some occasional fault may occur.
The warranty does not apply to faults arising after the warranty period.
8) General Notice and Governing Law
We reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions. Any modifications are valid after their publication on www.yourelli.com
Legal matters resulting from a sale contract are bound by the Terms and Conditions valid at the time of sale.
These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Slovak and EU Law and all parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Slovak Courts.
Business terms and conditions are valid from 1st January 2016 indefinitely.
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